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Have you survived a crime in Baltimore City, MD?

The Roar Center provides a full range of free legal, social, medical, and mental health services tailored to survivors of crime—all in one place.

Whether you decide to report the crime to police or not, we can help with:

  • Legal services
  • Therapy
  • Peer healing circles
  • Access to health care
  • Benefit assistance
  • Know Your Rights training
  • Case management, including access to job assistance, housing, child care, etc.
  • Finding out if you’re eligible to receive cash compensation to help you recover from the crime

As a survivor of crime, you have legal rights to protect your privacy, health and well-being. You have the right to be treated by police officers, prosecutors, judges, court personnel, and any agent of the state with dignity, respect, and sensitivity during all phases of the criminal justice process.

You have these rights regardless of your immigration status or whether you report the crime to police. 

You may also be eligible for services and compensation to help you recover from the impacts of the crime.

The ROAR Center is here to make sure you know your rights and to help enforce them if necessary throughout this process.

You qualify for our free services if:

  • You have survived a crime that took place in Baltimore City, Maryland.
  • You’re a resident of Baltimore City, regardless of your immigration status.
  • Your annual income is less than $70K (add $5K for each dependent)

You do NOT have to report the crime to police or any other authority in order to qualify.

(please only schedule an intake call if you qualify for our services as described above)