Guiding Principles

Our Mission

To engage with individuals and communities in Baltimore City by providing holistic, client-driven services to survivors of crime and influencing efforts to reform systemic responses to crime.

Our Vision

To co-create with survivors a community in which people who experience crime or systemic injustice are empowered to achieve their own sense of justice, healing, and well-being.

Our Values

Inherent Dignity and Worth

We recognize the value in every person. We operate under the belief that we all must be treated with dignity, respect and in a non-judgmental manner. We understand systems often dehumanize survivors, especially those from marginalized groups, creating compounded layers of trauma that directly contribute to violence. We center the experiences and voices of those survivors and invite their wisdom to direct our work.

Intersectionality and Survivor-Led Care

We believe each person has the wisdom and strength to guide their own sense of healing and justice. All survivors experience discrimination and violence differently due to their intersecting identities. We’re committed to meeting all survivors where they are along their intersections and healing journeys.

Trauma-informed Healing

We recognize the complex ways trauma can have a profound impact on a person. We view each individual as more than their trauma, a “whole person” progressing on their self-defined journey towards healing.

Individual Justice

Justice should deliver safety, healing, and accountability. What that looks like can be different for each survivor. ROAR will do all it can to facilitate that journey without dictating what forms justice should take for that person.

(with credit to Equal Justice USA)

Answers and Persistence

ROAR works in alignment with survivors to seek out answers, resolutions and results. We will help survivors understand processes and explain the results. When the results are unfair or unjust, we will do everything we can to achieve better results.

Transparency and Accountability

Within ROAR and with external partners, we will do our best to communicate openly and transparently. When we make errors, we will own our mistakes and strive to do better. We will gently and in real-time hold each other accountable, treating ourselves and each other with grace and compassion.


We commit to a continual process of asking rather than assuming. We look for ways our respective areas of expertise can be combined to make our work more effective, supportive and satisfying for survivors and ROAR staff.