Group and Individual Therapy

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Getting your life back on track after surviving a crime can be hard on your mental health. You might feel like you’re going “crazy,” get into fights more often, or struggle with negative thoughts. These are difficult and normal reactions as your body and mind try to make sense of your experiences.

You’re not alone. We understand what you’re going through. We’re here to help with counseling and peer support.

At ROAR, all of our work is “trauma informed.” This means we understand how painful events affect people’s thoughts and behaviors, and how to help them heal without creating more harm.

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Individual Therapy

Talking with a therapist and learning how to manage stress can help you feel better overall. At The ROAR Center, our therapists can meet with you one-on-one to help you explore your feelings and learn new ways to cope during your recovery.

Group Therapy

We also have peer support groups where you can talk with other people who’ve been through similar things. Our therapy groups are led by experienced coaches in a safe, welcoming space. Peer support group members share their successes and challenges, learn from each other, and offer encouragement as everyone works toward their personal goals.

Watch this video about the power of peer support, as described by participants in our men’s peer healing circle:

Don’t forget, asking for help is a strong thing to do. We’re here to support you.

we can help you regardless of your immigration status. you do not have to report the crime to police.

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