Lavonne Murray


Intake Coordinator

Lavonne Murray was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. As the intake coordinator, Lavonne is often the first person people connect with when seeking services from the ROAR Center. She works with crime survivors to confirm their eligibility for the program and, if eligible, connects them to services. Lavonne graduated from Coppin State University with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW). She previously worked at People Encouraging People, where she acquired extensive experience working with individuals, families, and at-risk youth who suffer from trauma, substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, developmental disabilities, chronic homelessness, poverty, and police brutality. She held a ranking position at Boys Hope Girls Hope, where she assisted academically capable and motivated in-need children to meet their full potential and become successful men and women. Lavonne hopes to one day start a successful program for at-risk youth that will eventually be utilized across the United States.

What motivates Lavonne: Helping those in need, being an agent of change within the community, and bringing back hope to those who feel like giving up. Crime survivors are the most resilient people you will ever meet.